Summer sipping

Whether you’re after a go-to summer rosé, silly season sparkles or vino to please a crowd, we’ve got you covered this holiday season. 

Check out our varietal cases of sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and rosé as well as our mixed red cases, perfect for summer barbeques or picnics. These are all budget-friendly drops that our WineFriends have rated highly and keep coming back to — all the better to share with friends and family over summer.

And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us line at or call one of the team on 0800 946 337 and we’ll tailor something to your tastes. Please note, delivery before Christmas is not guaranteed. 



Summer Sauvs

What says “I’m looking forward to a long, sun-baked summer” more than a bottle of succulent, citrus-saturated, sauvignon blanc? Six bottles that’s what! Try our favourite collection of six different heavenly herbaceous, tropical taste sensations now!


Classic Chardonnay

Think it’s easy narrowing the field of our favourite chardonnays down to just six bottles? It was torture! So feast your eyes and treat your tastebuds to this assortment of six of the juiciest, creamiest, peachiest, sips around.


Rocking Rosé

If there’s anything prettier than six different bottles of pink perfection then we’d like to know about it! Crunchy-crisp, elegant and overflowing with flavour, these delicate-but-dangerously-delicious drinks will cool and soothe those sizzling summer afternoons.


BBQ Reds

“Red Red Wine. Stay close to me” sang Neil Diamond, and he knew a thing or two. We reckon he’d love this collection of flavorsome, ribsticking reds featuring Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Syrah, Merlot and Montepulciano.


Pinot & Partners

For pinot noir fans who occasionally yearn for extra flesh and muscle, this ‘assemblage of awesome’ features three elegantly structured pinot’s, two plush, plummy merlot’s and one fleshy, taste-tastic shiraz that’ll really shiver your timbers.