How it Works

Everyone likes drinking wine, but not everyone enjoys buying it. Whether you leave the supermarket with the same old thing you always get, or panic and take a total punt, the truth is most of us could use some help connecting with wines we will truly love.

Here’s how WineFriend works: 

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    Your Test

    Test your taste buds to create your unique taste profile.

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    Your Details

    Choose the price, quantity, delivery frequency, and combination of reds and whites that suits you best. We have no minimum contract, and you can pause or cancel at any time.

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    Your Match

    We measure your palate against the thousands of wines our tasting team samples each year, then handpick a selection just for you. We also include a 'wildcard' wine - a new varietal, producer or style that you probably haven't tried before.

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    Your Delivery

    We hand-deliver three, six or twelve stunning bottles of wine to your door.

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    Your Review

    You tell us what you think of the wines, we fine-tune your profile, and get even better at selecting the perfect drops for your deliveries.

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    Your Cellar

    Find some wines you really love? You can order more through your WineFriend account and enjoy a 10% discount.

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