6 Fun Facts for International Cabernet Sauvignon Day

We’ve got another wine holiday, WineFriends! August is rife with internationally recognised days to down some of our favourite beverage — and today, we’re celebrating the King. Here are six trivia tidbits on cabernet sauvignon.

1. The best-known red grape in the world wouldn’t be here but for a glorious (and accidental) crossing between cabernet franc and sauvignon blanc several centuries ago.

2. In addition to being the best-known red, cabernet is also the most widely planted red grape on Earth and has been dubbed the ‘King of the Grapes.’ Its royal counterpart? ‘Queen of the Grapes’ chardonnay.

3. Naturally a super tough and hardy grape, cabernet sauvignon ripens in hot conditions that would prove too much for most other varietals.

4. Because of this, areas with long and even summertime ripening conditions rule — and that’s a big part of why cabernet sauvignon is produced across the globe, from Bordeaux to Australia to Chile to South Africa.

5. There’s a big difference between Old World cabernet sauvignon (examples from the ‘original’ winemaking regions — namely Europe) and New World cabernet sauvignon (offerings from ‘newer’ regions such as California and Australia). Old World cabernets are more restrained, with lower alcohol levels, higher acidity, and characteristics more on the earthy, savoury spectrum; in contrast, New World cabernets exhibit higher alcohol levels, lower acidity, and more fruit-forward flavour profiles.

6. Bold and powerful, cabernet sauvignon makes a great partner for foods and dishes with similar power and flavour. Think juicy burgers, strong and sharp cheeses, dark chocolate — anything that needs a bit of bigness (yes, ‘bigness’ is a word!) to stand up to it.

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30th August, 2018Aug, 2018

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