Drink Better, Go Green: Repurposing Your WineFriend Cases

By now, you probably know we’re in the business of helping you drink better — but we make it a priority to be as environmentally conscious as possible in the process. We recently did away with single-use plastic handles on our boxes, but we’ve also had customers asking us this: ‘I hate throwing my boxes in the recycling bin every month. What else can I do with them?’

Well, you asked, and we’re answering! Here are a few inventive ways — some our own and some from our resourceful WineFriends — to repurpose your cases.

DIY wine rack

Fold the box’s top flaps in so one side is open, then lay the box on its stomach so your bottles are resting horizontally. When your boxes arrive each month, stack them on top of one another — and presto! You’ve got yourself a makeshift wine rack-slash-cellar.

Christmas decoration storage

All those tree ornaments and fairy lights and festive strings of tinsel? Pack them away in one of your WineFriend boxes for easy storage. Bonus? Next year when you grab it from the garage or wherever you’ve tucked it away, it’ll remind you to order one of our epic Christmas cases!

Shoe storage

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Empty box + shoes with no home = ideal storage situation. You could also store out-of-season footwear somewhere out of the way and bring it back into the light when the weather changes. Oh, the possibilities!

Arts-and-crafts material

We had one particularly intrepid WineFriend turn boxes into a knight’s costume for her son — which got us thinking that you could definitely use your box materials for other such arts and crafts. Use scissors, markers, spray paint, and anything else you might have around, and get creative either on your own or with kids. Your imagination is the limit!

Picnic box

Heading out for a picnic? Use a WineFriend box to transport the vino and glasses (we’d recommend something shatterproof) that you’re surely bringing along. You can also toss in the rest of your picnic supplies: rolled-up blankets, cutlery, etc.!

Have you used your WineFriend cases for anything cool? Share with us and your fellow wine lovers on social!

4th April, 2019Apr, 2019

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